A word about Robin Williams.

Let us not forget that for the genius he was, he also pushed people away. No one pulled the trigger; he was heard, but in the end he made the choice. We all have a list inside, and when we get to the end of it, is that last item enough to hang onto?

Don’t let it happen: Make the hard choices, be humble, forgive others, forgive yourself for being imperfect, for stepping on others’ toes, for hurting others feelings. Even those close to you.

Suicide is a choice. Depression is not a disease: It is a struggle, and we allow ourselves to be alone, we push away and blame when we choose not to face our weaknesses. My sincerest condolences to the Williams family at this time. I don’t know the circumstances, but I know the fight.

Suicide is selfish, even in the worst times. That is the uncomfortable fact. Hold on to family: No price, no talent, no valuation in this world can purchase a loving heart. To be rich is to have that; I know it.

I have plans to publicize my own works, but unlike many I choose to delay for a time in respect. Can’t we just pay attention for a second? Ponder our own beings? Make good choices when the cameras aren’t looking? Lend a hand and not retract it at the first slight? Be a little more, a touch stronger, braver, more sincere and honest.

Let us try. We have only ourselves and each other to fail.


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