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Month: February 2016

Dust: An Eylsian Tale Gallery

It’s just that pretty. I took far more screenshots than was necessary for my critique and decided I just had to share them, so ……

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Half Life 2: Update Gallery

Half Life 2 is arguably the lifeblood of the modding community and for many the fueling passion behind user driven content. With the want for…

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Audiosurf 2 – “Width of a Pixel”

Developed/Published by: Dylan Fitterer
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Available via: Steam ($16.99) -|- Direct from Publisher ($14.99 USD)
Consider also: Audiosurf ($10 CDN)

We’ve been down this road before, but it was bumpier, a little jittery, and underpowered. Acceleration was poor and the brakes squealed, but it was our first ride. We’d paid for it with our own money and no one could tell us where we could go or what we allowed to listen to.

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Houses Moved, and are gone, deleted, finito! Why? I’ve a host and there’s no way I’m paying $99 a year for each of those…

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Shadow of Mordor, An Impression

It’s 11:45pm, and I’m determined to try on the murder suit. Is it a murder suit? I’m sure my machine is going to curse at me. I haven’t run anything this demanding since, well, ever. So I launch it. You know, click “Play” on Steam.

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