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Author: hastypixels

Have You Noticed The Brown(outs)?

The App Store, purportedly the Ivory Tower of Apple’s Digital Empire, improving its status the most powerful digital provider in the world. Unquestionably they tout financial numbers that put them in something of the 1% of the 1% of the fists of cash holders.

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Yes Indeed, Ponyfeathers

As a character fan, I am a hard sell. Television as a whole does not gather my wool, so to speak. Those who watch Mythbusters unravel many of the worlds most entertaining physics events will relate to my point of view. Really, what else is there to watch besides reruns of our favorite shows? Anime is just too bloody morally doubtful to invest myself in any longer. Series that should have ended hundreds of episodes ago (Bleach) and/or weren’t dubbed very well (Naruto) no longer matter enough to hold the popular interest.

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