Why I’m Saying “No Thanks” to Doctor Who as a Woman

You see, if the Doctor can become female, why bother? Why not do both? Or neither? Once you start down that rabbit hole, there is no end. What does anything matter if being female, or being male, has no implication or affect on the fabric of humanity?

What Drew Me Back Into The Marvel Universe

I can sum up my interest in Marvel heroes in a few words: Selfless, smart, strong, vulnerable and real. Peter Parker embodied those qualities in The Amazing Spider-Man, which my Dad and I read for decades. Well, a decade, but that’s a long time for a comic hero. From that point I watched bits and…

David, Thank You

My thoughts are small at this time, they certainly seem so in the wake of the loss on such a great scale. I have never known a man able to connect zithromax no prescription with experience so honestly, and I know I never shall again. He was a man of the time, greater than any…

A word about Robin Williams.

Suicide is a choice. Depression is not a disease: It is a struggle, and we allow ourselves to be alone, we push away and blame when we choose not to face our weaknesses.

Useful Misdirection(s)

So who is that article a shill for? Is it to pacify the masses? “Well, I can’t find work today, but I’m not alone, so it’s not so bad.” Is it to soothe the employers? “Everybody’s budget is tight. I have to make money.” It sure isn’t for the unemployed.

Bothers and Brothers

I know I’ve been pony-and-brony up to this point, and don’t expect I’m not prepared to whup the toddlers over in the fanbase in future just because I’m willing to talk meat about the world situation. Dr. Horrible said it: “The status quo is not quo.” To me that means we need to pony up and look our families and ourselves.

As Promised: It’s Story Time

In fact I am less impressed with the Bronies who believed this was going to destroy the fanbase. Look guys, you don’t quite understand what’s going on here. Something as wonderful as MLP:FiM takes time to destroy.

Ghost in the Sale

Presently the fans are doing a better job of taking care of the franchise than the legal rights owners are. Fandom caretaking of this ilk are not alone – MLP:FiM is in a similar situation. Season 4 is a “cat out of the bag” all right, as in how proud was DHX Media to admit it?

Why Season 3 Never Happened

I misspelled “sarcastic” as scartastic. Interesting. Sounds about right to me. We’re so calloused that we’d rather let 4chan do Grimm’s Fairy Tales work than be around to deal with the nitty-gritties as responsible adults of children who need us.

Quicknote: Can’t Reform Chaos

Does that make taming Discord possible? Even by the episode’s admission the answer is “no”. The best chance would be … dare I suggest it: Pinkie Pie.