Why Thanos is Infinity Wars Weakest Link

Of all the film’s many faults, I’ve had some difficulty deciding what to focus on to illustrate most effectively just where Marvel went wrong with the Avengers: Infinity Wars. I’d like to use this opportunity to explain just how they managed to turn their most well received franchise into a dull rehash of ignoble tropes….

Tracking the Past (Part 3)

Part 3: Honing and Honed PCCFA Fair, where I was asked to turn down my music. Me? A disturber of the peace? How about thrilled to be noticed? My early techno did not impress, but it was on that day I met Admiral Skuttlebutt, who played 280-JOKE for me, a mod I’ve carefully sheltered over…

Excerpts: How to Crack a Planet (Working Title)

His silver angular brows prepared a march that he began with but one word: “Well?”

She leaned forward, light blue eyes on the incomprehensible expanse of books, and the brushed aluminum looking, symbol laden upper column. This connected to another clear column full of white, tube lights. She said, “What do you call this?”

On it’s face; Carrying on Anyway

So no quality reviewers. I’ll admit it; but there’s lots to do, so, moving on. Requiring approval has never been a thing for me. All that being said, I have been getting quite a lot thanks to Twitter. What useful tool! More the flavor is followers who think I have money (to spend on them)…

Useful Misdirection(s)

So who is that article a shill for? Is it to pacify the masses? “Well, I can’t find work today, but I’m not alone, so it’s not so bad.” Is it to soothe the employers? “Everybody’s budget is tight. I have to make money.” It sure isn’t for the unemployed.

Microprocessor Bubble: Tick, Tock

Technology is, however, lost in itself. Wouldn’t be the first time an industry has generated too much product for its own good. We are awash in microprocessors – and we just don’t know what went wrong. How can it all have become so affordable?

Calculations Underperformed

The heavy hitters of the gaming personal computing industry have been striking out lately, and they don’t appear to know why. Blogphilofilms has a good take on the epic failure of Windows 8. Watch it. He put the nail on the head better than I could have, though I have to say he reminds me…

Bothers and Brothers

I know I’ve been pony-and-brony up to this point, and don’t expect I’m not prepared to whup the toddlers over in the fanbase in future just because I’m willing to talk meat about the world situation. Dr. Horrible said it: “The status quo is not quo.” To me that means we need to pony up and look our families and ourselves.

Blinked In: My LinkedIn Group

Injustice and nefariousness abounds. The first and presently only LinkedIn “group” I have joined is loaded with spam. HR managers/employees/ilk promise to have the “best answers” and the “way in” through the myriad questions employers will throw at you.

NCSoft Hardstyle: China Blocked

Farming has never received proper media coverage because it reflects poorly on the state of the industry. We depend heavily on Asia for our MMO experiences, and thus cannot demand that they cut a limb off. Except that one of the largest players in that industry just did.