Short Story Schedule for

Here’s my “TV Guide” listings of upcoming short stories that will be appearing on, primarily for reference. “To Be Announced” titles are the ones I haven’t decided on yet, but they’ll be worked out soon enough. As mentioned, I have big plans for 2019, but we’ll take that as it comes. If you like what you’re reading, feedback is welcome or even a share on your preferred social network. Or you can give my stories a “clap” at Medium.

Thank you.

October 2018

Date: Title                          Genre                    Type
25th: Euncyne’s Holycon|e.5  Science Fiction  Solo
29th: Hard Lines and Code   Science Fiction  Solo

November 2018

Date: Title                           Genre                    Type
5th: "Skitcher"    Science Fiction  Solo
12th:  From Height to Height   Fantasy    Solo
19th: Remarkable Objects-Part One   SF/Police Procedural  Series
26th:  Remarkable Objects-Part Two   SF/Police Procedural  Series

December 2018

Date: Title                          Genre                    Type
3rd: Remarkable Objects-Part Three  SF/Police Procedural  Series
10th: Remarkable Objects-Part Four  SF/Police Procedural  Series
17th: Bearly Skared Speculative Fiction Solo
24th: Seasonal Break
31st: Seasonal Break