Soft Hearts, Hard Memories now available at Smashwords!

As promised, a physical edition novel will be available very, very shortly thanks to Amazon… but it won’t be the first volume of the Greatshale Chronicles. No sir. It will be, quite out of the blue, Soft Hearts, Hard Memories, a heavily edited and revamped novel originally entitled Bold Curves. It was Aaran’s big foray…

Bold Curves now available @ Amazon KPD

I’ve been a busy little bee, haven’t I? Bold Curves can be purchased at Amazon in ebook and paperback form now, so do check it out. I’ve tweaked any issues I found in the Smashwords edition. Also, I’ll be publishing another collection that features Every One Fight, Sector Bomb and some previously unpublished viagra no…

Eschewing the Silly

This is exactly why I didn’t get into NaNoWriMo. I’ve a story with an ending, now, but it gets in the way of the first part of a novel that needs to be finished. I’d hoped to include it in Bold Curves, but … until it’s ready … that won’t be happening. It might, cialis.html…

Every One Fight Retails at your Descretion

Every One Fight is no longer available at Wattpad so’s you should know. You want to find out how Masurani deals with her own discomfort and loss, you’ll have to buy it at Amazon or pick up a copy via Smashwords, but not Barnes and Noble, since they don’t like the idea of flex pricing. Hey, you’ve had notice. ^^

My Stance on Amazon

I decided to publish with Amazon simply because that’s where the traffic is … It’s that simple. I’m trying to draw attention to my work. If I don’t jump out in the middle of rush hour I’m not going to get hit by anything. I know the risks and I am choosing to take them.

Amazon Carries a Big Nerosis

I have one thing to say: While Amazon controls digital distribution the stranglehold they have on our opinions appears even greater. We’re too afraid to say a word in support or defiance should we lose our vaunted 5-star valuations. Hey, I have nothing to lose, but don’t suppose that would stop me if I had.