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As Promised: It’s Story Time

If you waddle on over to Castle Ashlar you’ll be able to read the story I began writing as an energetic fan-tribute to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I started writing this during the middle of Season 2 and wanted to do something different.

You know… no relationshipping, no “one day I awoke and I was a pony”, or “what would happen if Derpy became a mane character”? Continue reading

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I promised myself to focus on the positive aspects of being a Brony. I know I’m not alone as an MLP:FiM fan, even if my word reach few. Yet even if no one else in the world – that’s right – is willing to do more than comment, I’ll be the one who pieces it all together.

I’m almost ready to let go of the title. Continue reading

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Ghost in the Sale

Quick commentary on Microsoft’s always-on to block secondary market sales.

Wow guys.

Seriously? Continue reading

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Why Season 3 Never Happened

I said that, right? Here I am to back up that statement. Bronies take note. This is why you shouldn’t be holding Season 3 under a microscope. Continue reading

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Yes Indeed, Ponyfeathers

As a character fan, I am a hard sell. Television as a whole does not gather my wool, so to speak. Those who watch Mythbusters unravel many of the worlds most entertaining physics events will relate to my point of view. Really, what else is there to watch besides reruns of our favorite shows? Anime is just too bloody morally doubtful to invest myself in any longer. Series that should have ended hundreds of episodes ago (Bleach) and/or weren’t dubbed very well (Naruto) no longer matter enough to hold the popular interest. Continue reading

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