Ghost in the Sale

Presently the fans are doing a better job of taking care of the franchise than the legal rights owners are. Fandom caretaking of this ilk are not alone – MLP:FiM is in a similar situation. Season 4 is a “cat out of the bag” all right, as in how proud was DHX Media to admit it?

Why Season 3 Never Happened

I misspelled “sarcastic” as scartastic. Interesting. Sounds about right to me. We’re so calloused that we’d rather let 4chan do Grimm’s Fairy Tales work than be around to deal with the nitty-gritties as responsible adults of children who need us.

Quicknote: Can’t Reform Chaos

Does that make taming Discord possible? Even by the episode’s admission the answer is “no”. The best chance would be … dare I suggest it: Pinkie Pie.