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Novel Updates for August 2018

Now I understand why self publishing is so perilous. The good news is that Soft Hearts, Hard Memories is now ‘name your price’ with the suggested price of $4.95. The bad news is that ordering physical copies from Amazon is so untrustworthy that I’ve pulled the edition from their store. I had determined some time ago to avoid Amazon at all costs, and it looks like my first feeling on the matter was right.

That said, I’ve been busy with the ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft, which Tumbleberry and I are updating to support Minecraft 1.13. It’s a somewhat tumultuous journey, but it has proved to be a good opportunity to revise textures we’ve not worked on since we started this project six years ago. The Sliver of Light series is being collected into a single volume, which I project to run approximately 150,000 words in length when complete. I had hoped to complete it this year, but that’s not likely to be the case, so I don’t currently have a projection about when that’ll be done.

I’ve also been poking the idea of a proper sequel for Sector Bomb, which is one of my most profitable books on Smashwords (my profile). I have the raw material, but I need to spend a fair amount of time reworking the story. I’d be glad to do it, since I’d like to see Aaran healed up after the events of Sector Bomb. If you’ve enjoyed that story and would like to see more, consider buying it full price as a vote in that direction.

On other lesser notes, I’ve presently dropped off the face of the game reviewing planet. I’ve been playing, but not writing about what I’ve been up to. Maybe I’ll crank something out about the new titles I’ve picked up for the Nintendo Switch, but that’d cut into time I need to put into Sliver of Light. We’ll see.

One step at a time! Ta!

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August 22, 2018 · 12:48 am

Houses Moved, and are gone, deleted, finito! Why? I’ve a host and there’s no way I’m paying $99 a year for each of those sites. Can you imagine? I can, and the circumstances just don’t match. (Except that I’m hosting Thousandhour, but as a brand it wasn’t working. Ah well.) is my hobby writing blog, and it looks to stay that buy accutane way. If you’ve enjoyed reading me so far, great! Welcome aboard! I do have some content planned; a Doctor Who original story, some more game critiques out of my Steam library and some kind of Best of My Favorite Games.

That’s a joke, son. Kids have the attention span of a data packet these days.

So let’s carry on as we were.

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February 1, 2016 · 12:27 pm