For Immediate Release: Every One Fight

Taking a big step: Publishing for the first time ever. Here’s the synopsis and a link to Every One Fight. More thoughts tomorrow. Waiting on Smashwords to approve the novella to Premium.

Every One Fight-wallpaper What becomes of a tough talkin’ loner when she loses all pride and her beloved father? An All Star runner has as many physical problems as emotional, and abandons even her backup plan, music. Ayani Coates and Nasura Sager provide ample and unexpected company, but things are rough at home. Refusing the aid of close friends and family, Masurani hones her skills as a martial artist.

School is a passable distraction, but Masurani Sarle can’t quite decide what to do with her life prednisone no prescription except what comes naturally. In a sort-of pursuit of truth she forms a gang and defend her turf with her closest friends. When she is entrapped by a devious fighting arena operator in an illegal street fight, her options are suddenly zero.

Aim Westfarthing promises to reveal the nature of her father’s death if she’ll not ‘spurn her destiny as his prizefighter’. A five month tour at Alloyed Craw peaks in a do-or-die match against a tank wrestling cyborg in which the crime lord Black Set has bet a million credits against. Stubbornly, Masurani refuses to back out, but can she survive this match and learn the truth about her father’s death?

  • June 3, 2014