Fruits of Editing: Bold Curves Excerpt

So I spent a portion of yesterday healing and editing. My shoulder’s still basically a mess and I overdid it a little. Slow healer, but hey, that’s fine. I wanted to sample something more overtly exciting than Every One Fight for y’all, so here’s a snippet from Little Glass Soul. Except follows:

Her face anchored in my soul, the desperate lack of comprehension in her eyes, shamefully whimpering into the camera. I wanted to ace the cameraman, atom by atom, over a slow roasting flame. I shut off the recording and leaned forward, head in my hands.

What a mess, another girl in Angel Haze, I groaned to myself. Featured in the footage was not Denise Bale, but it had been issued as an invitation to her parents to enjoy the future exploitations of their daughter. I wanted to run, to cry, scream. How … how could this woman ask me this now?

Last I checked I was the only female Private Investigator either side of the Shiv who would ever remotely consider taking on the Council of Sex Trade Workers. Something I’ve never done buy voltaren before. I define living dangerously as raising a daughter in the 2120s, but this was sheer stupidity, hardly hubris.

But then, who else would do it?

I reviewed the signed contract mocking me in paper form upon my oak veneered desk in a stale wave of suspended disbelief, and my eyes hung on the payment agreement. A hundred thousand credits told me Tiel and Ransom Bale were serious and it meant dropping the kid gloves for some bloody business.

“Why did you sign your daughter off to them, then, you stupid people?”

Bold Curves contains five stories concerning the Every One / Canor universe. I may add more, but I haven’t decided on the value of the previous-name holder novel. It’s good work, but I never had a satisfactory ending. Editing it until something worth reading will take time, so … later.

I’d love to publish it, but it will take weeks to bring the details in line with the details I’ve worked out Until something else happens, go read Every One Fight. Buy it! Review it! I’m planning samples, coupons and other promotions soon.

  • June 4, 2014