He Who Was Not (Excerpt)

Editing proceeds apace. It really does. I’ve turned some kind of corner and the writing I’ve been about for the last decade and a half all fits together now. It’ll fit even better when I finish editing and re-writing the parts that don’t fit (grin), but boy am I pleased. While I’m rearranging words, enjoy this excerpt from the short story He Who Was Not, one of six stories to be published in the Bold Curves Anthology. For those who loved Richard Diamond…

Between us were three solid inches of incendiary resistant plasteel that served as her desk. Wasn’t attractive, but it would stop a two charge explosive round up to 50mm. Standard issue wartime desk, sans the wartime. I made a gesture and she nodded while I sat down.
“Mr. Barrows.”
“That’s his name.”
“Whose name.”
“Don’t you know?”
Her buy cialis nose wrinkled. It was a stinker, but I was driven. “Of course I know.”
“Then tell me,” I requested, shifting my weight in her uncomfortable chair.
“Tell you what?”
“About Mr. Barrows.”
“I don’t know about any Barrows!”
“But you just said you did.”
“Who do you think we are?!” she snarled, spinning like a top. Her hand dove for the desk intercom. “Ben! Send me everything we’ve got on a Mr. Barrows!”
“Yes Lieutenant!”
She donned a great big smile that soured as she recognized mine. “Coates, are you trying to kill me?”

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  • June 6, 2014