Amazon Carries a Big Nerosis

I have one thing to say: While Amazon controls digital distribution the stranglehold they have on our opinions appears even greater. We’re too afraid to say a word in support or defiance should we lose our vaunted 5-star valuations.

Hey, I have nothing to lose, but don’t suppose that would stop me if I had.

Amazon needs to be stopped. Why? For cripes sake do the research. Steven Colbert is having to form plans with physical stores to distribute books to buyers otherwise unable to get their meaty hands on them. If you’re wondering mine are pretty skinny.

Is it political? Did he offend someone at HQ? Well no, but Hachette’s contract, which was festooned and spoon-fed by the DOJ has run dry and now Amazon Has The Power to enforce their rule, and let us beware.

I’m used to being buy adderal unpopular, and I don’t give two wags of anyone’s tail if I’m favored, but I do give a hang about the truth. Do you? Or do you just want to sell books? If you’re interested, I like the idea of both. Otherwise, there are plenty of distractions.

So we’re clear, buy my books, but don’t buy Amazon. Anyone hoping to endorse me on their behalf has probably already steered clear, but until they shift their gears that’s my stance. Treat your bread and butter with due respect; anything else destroys what past generations fought so hard for.

Know the meaning of the word? We don’t. Not one bit.

I’ll be posting more about this, because any writer who esteems ideas needs to speak up. For? Against? Say something!

And have a nice day.

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  • June 9, 2014