Premium and an Interview

Four days ago Every One Fight was accepted to Smashwords Premium, which means it is available, well, everywhere. Goodreads, even. Scary. I’d love to say it’s in print, but it’s not. Smashwords is for the moment my sole publisher. It’s great but not. On a brighter note I completed my interview, which I will actually link here.

G’head. Read it. I hear I took it more seriously than the first time ’round, and the source was close to the guy. You know. Real buy phentermine close. Sitting in his chair, almost. Creepy.

What does a guy do for reviews anyway? I don’t need a guide, I’ve read a few of those. If someone out there wants to try a hand at editing my work thinking they can make me a blockbuster you’ll be the first. You’re welcome to try anyway, but be warned until I make a buck you won’t either.

Soon I’ll post you the whole first story from my upcoming short story anthology.

Real soon.

  • June 11, 2014