On it’s face; Carrying on Anyway

So no quality reviewers. I’ll admit it; but there’s lots to do, so, moving on. Requiring approval has never been a thing for me. All that being said, I have been getting quite a lot thanks to Twitter. What useful tool! More the flavor is followers who think I have money (to spend on them) or might be a source of profit (ditto).

That’s a strange thought, though certainly a welcome one. I’m not one of those guys who demands a high price for his work. I’ll function with as much as is required to get the words out there, plus my daily bread, as it were. Anyone who’s not interested might as well unfollow me now. I’ll give you a minute to do that. Done? Good.

Anyone still along for the ride can expect … more of the same, with a decidedly more fantasy flavor. This time, no hints, no preview chapters. No samples. When the story is finished, I going to seek a traditional, brick and mortar (and “e-tail”) publisher. This new work is nothing like anything I’ve written before. Aaran’s been great, and I owe her many, many thanks, but when a journey ends, there’s naught to do but appreciate what you learned and seek out the next one.

That being said, without her this story would not be possible.

In summary, what’s next? Bold Curves goes to print. I’ll be ironing out all of the rough buy celexa online patches of text, which I flush out by reading the whole thing aloud. That’ll take some time, so it’s going to get one day a week. Could take a while. (With emphasis on how long it could take. Be patient.) Eventually the Wattpad edition will be retired in exchange for the complete anthology publication via the usual channels, which do include Amazon, Apple, and you know, every one else.

Was it over too soon? Will I abandon Aaran, Yale, Sonata, Buddy and gang? Not the slightest chance. Sector Bomb is waiting in the wings, but until this new work is moving at an appreciable pace, or perhaps when it’s done, it’s going to be on hold. This new story, tentatively … not even going to do any name dropping. Not a chance.

So impatient have I been that grinding through Ahead on Machined Shoulders was … harder than usual. I wanted to just finish the story and move on to this new work. Am I the only one tired of GamerGate already? My stories speak well enough of the realities, and I won’t get political here. Enough noise, just focus on what is right. Stop asking, because you already know what that is.

Thanks for reading. It’s important to remember we don’t have to stand alone; we chose our circumstances.

  • September 21, 2014