As promised, Patreon updates…

My process may be low tech, but if you’re at all how I go about designing cover art, then by all means hop on over to my Patreon where I’m regularly posting sketches and my thoughts on the matter. Particularly, how I am working and re-working the artwork for A Coiled Majesty. There’s a lot to consider… my first design was lackluster on all fronts.

It’s a good reminder not to be precious about your work. Always be prepared to scrap a piece of it doesn’t communicate what you want it to. Roughing out layouts is fine, even if your anatomy is a little imperfect. Technique can be improved in short order.

Anyway, there are no barriers to my content, and the tiers I’ve set up need to be changed, but those will be addressed when it makes sense to do so.

Ta for now!

  • March 24, 2018