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Month: October 2018

Remember that schedule?

Whilst digging more deeply into the always less buggy Gutenberg editor for WordPress, I have cobbled together an announcements page for the release schedule of…

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If I had to guess…

So Soft Hearts, Hard Memories is a hard sell. Given its subject matter, I’m not surprised. Maybe a little disappointed… but I approached that work…

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New Story @ Medium: “Hard Lines and Code”

As promised, I’ve another new short story for y’all available at Medium, so drop what you’re doing and read it! …kidding! Though I’ll admit that’d…

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Story Schedule: Good To Go

I’ve prepared my Medium story schedule and laid everything out until the middle of December. By that point I’ll know what put more attention into.…

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Why I’m Saying “No Thanks” to Doctor Who as a Woman

You see, if the Doctor can become female, why bother? Why not do both? Or neither? Once you start down that rabbit hole, there is no end. What does anything matter if being female, or being male, has no implication or affect on the fabric of humanity?

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