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Bearly Skared has been live at since, Monday. I wasn’t well enough to update this blog about it, but here I am now… anyway, as I’ve said the next two weeks won’t see any new stories. As for what happens next that’s still up in the air, but I’ll know by the New Year.

I have a lot of thoughts about 2018 – but I won’t get into them now. I can say I’m both enthusiastic and not about the coming years. As you might know I’m LDS, and that affords me a different perspective about all of the chaos. Hence all the optimism where conflict could be.

Anyway, here’s a sample of the story:

What we are, Lady Vanadyl, is so reminiscent of organized chaos: A wagon-flock of pioneer survivalists away from the civilization that would destroy us. We know not how we will get by, yet that that is life in your hands; a romantic adventure against all odds on a planet coated with radioactive metals. If indeed for this all you ask in trade for this safe harbor is a tale ‘from the heart’ then that is what I will offer you, take it as you may.

The Twin Cities, protected as they are, never knew me nor I them. To say I was proud of the Crown military initiative which preserved them would be a grave error. I have no pride in the economic superpower, and the part my family played in it. Peace is too steep a price to pay for ignorance, by your reckoning, and I do not disagree on that point of judgment.

When I was six, however, I did not care for such things. Greenswede Farthing Co. operated a refining and processing plant of which my grandfather and father were both employed on the board of directors. My life was a total bore; I was home-schooled and always attended by family.

My parents worked, and though I have such poor memory now of Mum’s manner of employ. She was an attractive, kind woman, but distant and not always understanding of my ways. I remember she was “lit up” by two aspects of life: my happiness, and a new travel prospect.

Perhaps I despise that a little.

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Ta for now!

  • December 20, 2018