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Another book is on the way, percolating as I go along. Looking forward to learning all the details as I write! Boy am I ever grateful to Heavenly Father for His guidance and inspiration. It even has a title, but that will come in time and there’s even a cover I can envision, so that’s neat too! It feels amazing to be where I am, learning and growing, struggling and overcoming.

Easy? Peh, that’s not what this is about. Isn’t easy boring in media? It can be profoundly satisfying to see characters become masters of themselves and/or their particular element, and I find myself routinely fascinated by the growth process that brought them there. So that will bring me to my topic this morning.

My wife and I are moving. It’s just a little move, and probably won’t take long to complete; we’ve got good help and not that much to move. It will be nice to be in a space that will better fit our needs, and returning to work will be good as well. Mind you next semester I’m starting up classes again, and with my first certificate nearly complete, progress is good. Math will be a challenge, but I’m prepared for that now.

I mentioned lately on Twitter that I received some interest in the distribution of one of my books. That’s nice, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the inviting platform and their proposed terms. With my books published the way they are now I retain full control, and until/unless a publisher comes along with a reputable deal and reasonable contract, I’m not in any hurry to switch to an exclusive publisher. May that ward anyone looking to pick up another indie writer to exploit.

I will say that the interest itself is a complement, and I’m grateful for that. There was a time that such a deal may have swayed me, but boy howdy am I glad that I have grown beyond that. Compromising my values, faith and ideals is not a regret I desire to have in my literary career. Persistence itself is valuable; I trust the Lord’s timing, and look expressly to what lessons there are to be had in these circumstances.

We need to achieve the goal of not having our values dependent upon the comfort of our situation, just as we must pray with the same energy when we desperately need the help, as when we least believe we require or want it. What we’re learning is that we always need the guidance, however comfortable that lesson is for us. The work will be done regardless of our regard or participation, so it is better for us to work to see things as Jesus Christ does, and always increase our trust in Him so that we can receive the full benefit of having done our best.

Pray always, especially when you don’t think it’s important or have the desire to do so. Don’t get hung up on the if and when of the answer; trust the Lord’s timing.

  • February 7, 2021