Testbeds, School and Stuff

Let’s see if this still works.

Ah, there it is.

That’s good news. Also, I haven’t been sitting on my duff whilst dealing with school, life and stuff. I decided after my stint with a very professional editor that I needed to polish my writing skills. Hence I took on my earliest fanfiction novel in the form of Starlit Ruins: Reframe. The premise is thus:

The Sailor Senshi have been brought to the post apocalyptic world of Rifts Earth and separated by a malicious enemy. This is a re-examination of the previously told story of their adventures and survival. Why do they have hope, and how will they get home? Who is responsible for their arrival in this violent, war torn future?

It’s got a few readers at Fanfiction.net and seems fairly healthy for what it is. I’m pleased with its depth and the characterizations I’m able to revisit after so many years. Sssh. Count if you want, I’m kinda busy. Well, yeah, with what?

BYU Idaho is always on my plate now that the winter break is over, and current study has prompted me to move into promoting the notebooks my wife and I have been designing for a while now. So, yeah, there’s that, over at Nudgeworks Design. Forgive the mess if it’s a little untidy. I’m still new to making my own eCommerce websites. Who needs Squarespace anyway?

Briefly, I was disappointed by the Squarespace experience. It was nowhere near as fast as I hoped, and nothing as customizable either. Maybe I’m expecting too much, or maybe I’m used to better designed products. I know the web is like an ancient Japanese village, full of shoji structures that can be destroyed if the weather sneezes too hard.

I dare you to tell me it isn’t.

Anyway, yeah, you’ll notice some changes around here as I figure out how to use the new tools afforded to me by the hard working people over at Automattic. I mean, good gravy, I do hope to pay for some of this stuff eventually. In the mean time I’m grateful it all exists.

I have several writing projects in the works, including the idea of choosing something and sticking to it. You know, something I can handle. Maybe a fiction newsletter. I do like Substack. Look it up, I’m not your search engine.

I suppose that’s it for now. Watch this space…more is coming.

  • February 2, 2024