A dim idea of safety …

A sample of Ahead on Machined Shoulders available now at Wattpad:

[May is the wife of Remy Therison, Aaran. At least in a full prosthetic she can protect herself. Convincing her to keep a bodyguard is not an enviable task. One I’ve been charged with by Garen many times.]
[Not to be insensitive about her whole body being turned into stock-and-shelf parts,] I retorted.
[She’s always had a dim idea of safety. She didn’t deserve it. Alright?]
Kitrid, as a retired ‘intelligence’ agent had an excellent understanding of the pieces missing from his stepsister’s life. [You get a pass this time. So in the end Garen strattera no prescription decided to keep tabs on her?]
[Not indiscreetly. She’s worth killing for. How many people rally around you? You’re worth killing for. Private security is the path to mass disruption.]
[Now what am I supposed to say to that?]
[‘Thank you’ would do. Or ‘that’s very flattering’. Why’d you call me?]
[‘Mass disruption’? Scratch it. You can explain that later.] Blast it, Kitrid … I thought. [You’re doin’ a great job keepin’ me on the defensive. Garen and I are going to rescue her son from the BSO and then she needs a safehouse.]

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  • October 6, 2014