Worldbuilding, Incidentally, Purposefully

Things are beginning to make more sense. What things…well, I’ve joined Campfire Write and WorldAnvil, and I’ll start posting world information on the latter once I figure out what to post. Every story I have published is part of a single, interlinked world, but in different time frames, as one might imagine, going from high technology to magic. Yes, in some eras (my world has eras!) technology and magic share a room, but not for very long.

See, I don’t have time to sort out all the threads into Campfire all at once. When I looked at the stack of paper – some of which originating from high school – I quickly felt swamped. Don’t get swamped. Trust your writing. I know I’ve been saying that for years, but I can get the facts of my world misconstrued as easily as any fact in my temporal reality. (I was supposed to plan dinner, what?) Thankfully most things make sense, especially the bigger events. You know, cataclysms and so forth.

Gotta have those.

That’s why you have allies, such as your spouse, your notebook, campfire or whatever software you use to keep your facts in order. I’ve literally written origin events twice and come up with different results. Not wildly different, but just enough so as to indicate that I needed a better method of keeping things together. Campfire has been brilliant for that, though I’ve got to say it’s new software is going through from pretty normal teething pains. Fortunately their staff is responsive and friendly.

Other things…well, Tales of Greatshale is a little confusing, isn’t it? I love a good opening, and this podcast so far as three of them. The inspiration I’m following indicates for me to keep telling one shot stories, and yeah, I’ve got a lot to pull from. I suspect we will see some of the science fiction stuff in the future, but I can pick up any of these beginnings and spin them out into a longer work. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling, visiting so many different places with unique characters and situations.

Okay, we’re not talking too alien, here, I don’t think that’s my wheelhouse. They’re “ordinary” and maybe even “traditional” in many ways. We’re not talking The Twilight Zone, just people with various skills, talents and abilities muddling through as we all do. They may be able to do things incredible from our frame of reference, but it is what it is.

With the whole Harper-Collins busiwork having the appearance of sorting itself out, I may be able to get to submitting my novel. Well, like Thanos, that’s inevitable. I’m just writing my little heart out in preparation. Oh and one more more thing…

I have decided that I am comfortable chasing Brandon Sanderson.


  • March 8, 2023