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Tag: science fiction

Remarkable Objects – Part Four – Conclusion @

Not much to say this time. The conclusion to Remarkable Objects is live at, as usual. I’ve got another story in the pipeline, but…

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Remarkable Objects – Part Three @

The third part of Remarkable Objects – Part Three was posted on schedule, but I have bronchitis at the moment, so getting around to blogging…

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New Story @ Medium: “Hard Lines and Code”

As promised, I’ve another new short story for y’all available at Medium, so drop what you’re doing and read it! …kidding! Though I’ll admit that’d…

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Every One Fight – Excerpt One: Backhand Fist There was this one thought I couldn’t get out of Pop’s head, and that was the strange idea he had about…

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Nitronic Rush – “Core Performance”

Published/Developed by Team Nitronic
Platform(s): (PC) Windows
Retails via Digital Download
Developer for Free -|- Consider also Distance for $20.00 (Standard) or $30.00 (Deluxe)

Until I was about sixteen I had a body numbing fear of speed. Even virtual presentations of moving rapidly would arrest my senses and cause me to feel panicky at the lack of control. Over time, I realized, the source was the cure. Nitronic Rush, like driving a real vehicle, confronts such anxiety directly with every assurance of control over your actions.

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