Blocking? Well, no.

So about every six months or so I jump back into the flow with my own content. My books, my neglected comics. Yeah, I’m not sure I’m going to continue with that. It was a thought with no end, but then…no clamor either. I am beefing up my catalogue ala Google Books. Yup, they’re all making the transition because … visibility on Amazon is terrible. It’s a swamp. Be sure to tip your advertiser on the way to the same floor in your elevator ride.

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It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t the desire to spend the money it takes to get noticed. So then, it’s my fault?

That seems wrong somehow.

But that’s neither here nor there because we’re moving on. It’s a hobby, not a living and I am content to continue pursuing the happy-hobby in my little writing hotel, so to speak. If there’s any news in my life is that I’m feeling a whole lot healthier. Heal-thier? Hail there!


Another book as arrived and is knocking on my door with a full backpack of inspiration, and yes, it is in the Canor “universe”. It will feature many of the characters I’ve loved writing about for … good gravy, is it like, nearly a decade? I published Every One Fight in 2014, and I started that perhaps a year before. There it is, almost a decade.

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My wife is an amazing woman and also a real fangirl, though not blindly. She makes a fine editor, which is useful when your hobbies are mine. In which case I wish you well! She’s quite busy on social media and I’m actually thrilled to say I’m doing well in Math. Yeah, that’s a thing and I’m very pleased to be maintaining a healthy grade.

Now that’d be telling.

As I’m looking ahead to continue writing, I’m also looking for … ahem … affordable ways to promote my works. For now, apart from my studies, that’s the big deal. I might be back here in six months – maybe less since Medium decided I needed more than 100 followers in order to rank spending any money on me. Practice is good, right? If only I can find other things to write that people will read…

I probably don’t mean that. I expect to continue writing what I love, regardless of its popularity. That’s just how I roll!


  • May 12, 2022