Onward to Campfire

Image by Chris Aram from Pixabay

There are times I’m grateful that my characters are more upwardly mobile than myself. They can traverse distances I can only dream of. Speaking of dreams, Campfire is the perfect place for the consolidation of my literary works. I had no idea that since high school I’ve been writing about the same world.

You’re welcome to join me. I’m working out how to fit my tales into their monetization model, and the first release has turned out well. It is a re-edit and re-work of one of my first novels, Soft Hearts, Hard Memories. Yes, it’s an older work, but I am still pleased with it. Over the next little while I will be publishing more as I transition away from the confusing, over-saturated market of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

If the first rating I’ve received for that novel is any indication, I may have found my niche. I have certainly made the effort to make the story more accessible. The Hemmingway app informed me that numerous passages in the original manuscript were post-graduate level, which I had no idea of at the time. I was just emulating what I read.

Looks like I’ll be re-orienting my external links to Campfire…

  • February 28, 2024