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A Few Hasty Pixels Posts

Worldbuilding, Incidentally, Purposefully

I’ve joined Campfire Write and WorldAnvil, and I’ll start posting world information on the latter once I figure out what to post. Every story I have published is part of a single, interlinked world, but in different time frames, as one might imagine…

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Blocking? Well, no.

Another book as arrived and is knocking on my door with a full backpack of inspiration, and yes, it is in the Canor “universe”. It will feature many of the characters I’ve loved writing about for … good gravy, is it like, nearly a decade? I published Every One Fight in 2014, and I started that perhaps a year before. There it is, almost a decade.

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Moving House and Sudden Interest

Another book is on the way, percolating as I go along. Looking forward to learning all the details as I write! Boy am I ever…

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Applying to Become a Mojang Creator

So much has changed in the last couple of years, hasn’t it? Well, we’re looking to move in step with some of that change. ACME…

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Ceramic Hair – 2020’s Reflection

So yeah, things have improved for me, even moving at the speed of medicine. I’m not ungrateful, that would be selfish and wrong, and not…

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What it feels like, not how it looks…

I haven’t written in months, since this all began. I’m not prepared to tell the whole story now, it’s not even over. I’m somewhere in…

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My thoughts on this new venture

Ever reverted to a cheaper keyboard because your gaming keyboard just types poorly enough to slow you down? Ever mumble into a cheap microphone because…

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