Threads of Canor is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Series consisting of ‘Every One Fight’ and the upcoming ‘Sector Bomb’ novels with future installments planned. In the tradition of the great ‘what if’, the hard questions are asked in personal terms. For more information, read on. Optionally, read my Smashwords Interview.

Every One Fight – Threads of Canor Book One

Masurani was set to run professionally when her father dies in a terrorist attack. Between puberty and grief she pursues the martial arts only to refuse an invitation to join the government backed KnightsMage. Entrapped by a devious street fighter and forced to turn professional, Petulant promises to reveal the nature of her father’s death, but can she survive this match and learn the truth?

In the end I was so frustrated and ready to go I guess I would’ve torn up anything that smirked at me. My heartrate jumped up plenty and my vision got real clear as we circled in the ring of smashed tanks. It was my arrogance telling me how brief this fight was going to be.
Gonna do more’n slap ya down!” I raged, voice echoing against scrap metal.
I tore his blasted cybernetic arm off and beat him with it. It broke off like a dead branch, cracking with a good twist. Told ya, I have no class. Nobody stopped me, they seemed rather amused by my wanton brutality. When he stopped moving, I clued in it was over.

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Sector Bomb – Threads of Canor Book Two

Was it a bomb or magic? Sector 9 is leveled, hundreds dead, thousands injured and in dire need. While the Alliance of Courts decides how best to curtail costs, Representative Castlegar of Whitegraft charges ex-cop Aaran Coates and android associate Buddy Namiki to prevent another attack.

What is the threat?”
I faltered. “I meant ‘what are the Drimas threatening to do?’”

What do Drimas do best? They’ll wire the lot of ’em.”
Popular support will not impress the Crown,” I said.
It will if it’s done peacefully,” Aaran murmured.
Even if these immigrants are augmented against their will?”

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Bold Curves – A Short Story Anthology

Aaran has a problem with her other self, and overcoming this individual somehow results in her becoming entrusted with the lives of many who cannot otherwise protect themselves. In a post-apocalyptic world survived by a handful of cities and off-planet colonies, Aaran is beset by constant threats against her and her closest allies. She will not be put down, however …

You did. I thought you might.”
I started, momentarily frightened. Was my voice really that sultry? Sensual? Sexual? What the blasted frame was I thinking, talking to people like that? She was behind me, naturally, so I turned and drank deeply. She didn’t seem to mind much, but then I was treating her to the same show.

A flakkin’ sword … ” I breathed. In a scabbard as detailed as the billowing half-plate breast armor, underneath a variety of chainmail and a dense looking white fabric between metal and skin. Eye contact; piercing silver brimming with mistrust and hope. The tone of her muscles conflicted with the shapeliness of her figure, but the way she walked told me she knew the blade well; just as I did. 

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A Thief at the Gala – MLP:FiM Fanfiction Novel

A mysterious crown claiming scrolls, a monster with a taste for ponies! How will Doctor Whooves and Forelock Holmes unearth the truth behind the threat? What is Vallade’s real target and why is he so fascinated with Ditzy Do?

“How dare he! What right has he to our throne? What claim can he lay to our crown? Forelock, who is this pony?!” As she bore down on him the room itself began to darken, shadows grasping for any light source as if to snuff them all out. “I demand to know!”
Forelock’s portrayed a stormless repose, eyes matching hers in an embrace of icy detachment. John was unnerved to realize how alike the two were. Luna’s challenge met and matched by the peerless detective? Dr. Trotson began to wonder how long they could carry on.

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Starlit Ruins – A Palladium Rifts/Sailor Moon Crossover Fanfiction Novel

What if Sailor Moon were sent to the war torn, magic rich Earth of Palladium’s Rifts? What if a new player replaced Beryl with brutal new tactics? What if a new team of young heroes filled the gap left by the Sailor Senshi on Earth? Can a rag-tag group of magically gifted individuals protect Japan? What will it take to defeat the new, more visceral approach of the Negaforce?

 Gots damn, he thought. Sickly, scary sickly! “Heya cutie… when’ja last eat?” She glanced at him, face pale and thin, eyes uncaring and cold. “Nop,” he grunted. “Nothin’ doin’. Ain’t gonna lose ya. Come eat.”
She said nothing, her gaze turning away from him. He gave a sigh and sat down on the bed beside her. He knew pain and regret when he saw it. “Neva bothered ya ’bout ya friends. Ya recovered well ‘nough wit that arm. Thought it was okay. You ain’t though.” Usagi groaned. “Din’t even wonder, did ya? Garen left ya be t’ get yer rage up. To decide t’ fight. But ya ain’t doin’ that. Why?”

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