Every One Fight Retails at your Descretion

EOF-Smashwords 08-15-2014

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Instead of delaying Every One Fight to rename it, which I considered, I decided to change the Smashwords Edition to “whatever you wanna pay” model in advance of the Amazon and KDP release, since the first sale was made when the book was available for nothin’. The Amazon Edition will retail at $1.99, with MatchBook enabled for the sum cost of nothin’.

Every One Fight is no longer available at Wattpad so’s you should know. You want to find out how Masurani deals with her own discomfort and loss, you’ll have to buy it at Amazon or pick up a copy via Smashwords, but not Barnes and Noble, since they don’t like the idea of flex pricing. Hey, you’ve had notice. ^^ Y’might’ve proscar no prescription also noticed the stylistic presentation of this here article. Masurani’d probably be laughing ’bout now, an’ I wouldn’t blame her. I’m not inner city, though neither is she.

If you’re wondering, the royalties are 35%, which means I make less than .45 cents (USD) for every edition sold. That’s not much, but the experience is invaluable and I do treasure it. I will be revising this site to have proper excerpts and adjusting past posts for content. (Read: I might’ve posted whole chapters here.)

Finally? No Digital Rights Management. That’s right. That’s going to be my policy going forward. I like the idea of controlling editions so that I can correct errors, but I’m not into giving distributors too much control.

Stalk this site for more release announcements and stuff!

  • August 15, 2014