Every One Fight: on KDP Sooner than Expected



Kindle Direct Publishing approved Every One Fight for release on its service. ‘Service’ huh? That’s fine. $1.99 USD will grant you a fully DRM-free unlimited use version for your reading enjoyment. This is the first book in the Threads of Canor Series. I highly recommend buying a paperback edition if you enjoy this book: Subscriptions for novels is a positively silly/stupid/dangerous idea.

How to Reach Me: On a related note my KDP author page is ready, but I don’t plan on that being a primary point of interaction. In this order, depending on the volume of writing and editing: Email > Twitter > Blog > Amazon KDP & Smashwords > Everything else.

What I’m Working On Now: In the works now are the Bold ambien no prescription Curves Anthology, undergoing quite a bit of work in the background. I’m not sure how many stories it’ll contain in the end, but I have five complete with three more on the way. The latest of these is Resolute Gait, Wispy Child, currently available to be read via Wattpad and Figment. I haven’t yet made any of the Sector Bomb novel public yet because it just isn’t ready. When it is you’ll see it on Wattpad. In it you’ll meet Buddy Namiki, an old/new character with a lot of history and “development time” sunk into him.

Thank you to all you new followers, readers and likers! Your time and consideration is very much appreciated.

  • August 16, 2014