David, Thank You

My thoughts are small at this time, they certainly seem so in the wake of the loss on such a great scale. I have never known a man able to connect zithromax no prescription with experience so honestly, and I know I never shall again. He was a man of the time, greater than any time lord, more fragile than any child, stronger and broader than any foundation.

David Bowie has passed, and in leaving us I see no regret, only loss. He was the Shakespeare of our time, and like him there will not arise another who can do as he did. It was he by whom I could navigate, after God, when I lost my sense of self. I could see the shore when I listened to his music.

David was alien to us in his ability to connect with experience, regardless of our ability to comprehend or sympathize. He has inspired countless creators in all manner of expression, and his passing is as the descending of light from the mountain top. Now we have ourselves to look to.

I feel we are less certain now, and look forward to the passing of future days less now than we did when he was with us. In so saying I ask that we not forget the manner in which he lived, and look to the light that inspired him. He was and judged not, failed us not, nor were we betrayed.

What words have we?

Thank you, David Bowie. Rest in peace, until we meet again.

  • January 11, 2016