Soft Hearts, Hard Memories hasn’t been … shall I say, popular … though it does appear to enjoy interest among a certain demographic… what it needed was some editing. Just some typographical stuff here and there.

That’s one of the challenges of being ones own editor and publisher. Not that I expect my work to go gangbusters. Who knew personal accountability would be such a hard sell?


Here’s a snippet, in the event you’re curious:

Pauline was perplexed, but calm, and I saw trust flickering in her eyes. I went on to tell them about how it all started, and that was easy for me. I have a lot of dramatic, cool stories about the Knights. “KnightsMage Sol is my daughter, and you know… no you don’t, do you? Gonna have t’ fix that. She’s a good girl. Commander o’ the KnightsMage… makin’ sure all of you have been safe here.”

“But they took Daelia!” Amanda shrieked from her niche. “It were one man! You din’t stop ‘im!”

“I tried!” I cried, speechless and overwhelmed. Maybe I could have told her how much I wanted to save all of them, all their friends, and just sweep them all away to a better place. Maybe it was best that I hadn’t. Instead I asked Amanda how she was feeling, doing.

“They can’t take me,” she said. “I don’ eat’n don’ talk neith’r… t’ make ‘em not want me. In dis cage we’re all want’d.”

I was flabbergasted. She understood perfectly.It made me hate their situation, and the fact that I’d put them here. But then… “How would they know, Amanda?”

Was it wrong to bring them into it? To keep the discussion of the problem among the KnightsMage, Reggie and I? According to Alliance Law these girls are their own legal guardians…nothing here is logical, and the only answer I could see was to take the reigns and cover all the angles.

“I dun know,” she murmured. Her face curled to wring out the emotion and tears. “I dun wanna die!”

“You’ve taken this too far, Aaran!” Beatrice berated me, fast approaching from the opposite end of the room. “Face it… the only thing better would be to put them all in prison.”

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  • October 23, 2018