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First of all WordPress needs to stop buggin’ me to “try Gutenberg” when I’m already using it, though I suppose it can’t tell… feh. I expect too much of technology, most of the time. Speaking of expectations … I guess that’ll have to do as a segway.

Which, by the way is a word, thanks, Firefox.

I’ve just published a new short story entitled Euncyne’s Holycon|e.5 at This is a test, an experiment. I said I’d increase my participation there, but frankly I don’t have the interest or energy to get down and dirty about the usual goings-on of media and industry. On top of that, very little of what I have to say about it seems of any interest to you (the reader), so… that’s that.

That’s not me at my best, anyhow. I think you may agree that speculative fiction is, though, and I’ve quite a lot to offer. I say speculative fiction because genre doesn’t concern me as much as I know it does others. When you ask a question, the only thing to do is explore the possible answers.

Before I sign off with a snippet of the story, I’ll point out that it’s much easier for me to keep up a regular stream of stories there. I have a significant backlog of unpublished stories. So, until the end of the year, I’m going to post a new story once a week and see if anything sticks.

Ta for now!

She’s not disturbed by the clean, unpatterned walls in muted tones. Potted plants maintained by invisible machines do not disorient, nor does the seamless illumination of neutral toned walls and floor. No, she cannot be certain at first what puts her ill at ease.

“Mornin’ E,” chirps a fellow with whom she has shared many cups of myst. She smiles curtly and avoids eye contact. The noise just won’t stop. She hears him mutter, somewhere behind, “Well what jumped out of her crop?”

She pays him no mind, having barely heard his caustic language. The attitude won’t stay in her walk; she can’t make her heels click satisfactorily. She’s ravenous, hungrier than she’s ever been, but the cafeteria is too far away. She can’t make the noise… the voice.. the sound, it won’t stop! She loses her footing and staggers against a hard bulkhead, but doesn’t notice the dull pain in her shoulder.

Got to get away! Got to… no, get back to my room!

Euncyne’s Holycon|e.5 @
  • October 25, 2018