“Skitcher” now live @ Medium.com

Right out of the gate on schedule, “Skitcher” is available to read free at Medium.com! Details, right? If you enjoyed last week’s story (or any of them, thus far), here’s another! Here’s a sample:

The hoots and hollers of the crowd thinned, and behind blasting plate was muted entirely. No one around — who could smell — minded the pungent aroma of viscous synthetic oils, still hot from another successful run. A spindly fellow clothed in ratty denims waved minimally toward a diagnostic station, and her lithe, milled body settled in with a muffled clank.

“Yer turnin’ y’self inta scrap, Skitch.”

There was a little whirr as her faceplate lifted, hinged at her temples, to reveal her long faced and disinterested expression. Scratch hooked a tube into her torso and jammed his thumb into a panel, and the pedestal it clung to creaked. She inclined her eyes toward him, and they shimmered — or they used to — but now they latched on like they weren’t sure where else to go.

“Ah don’t like seein’ ya like this,” he intoned. “Winnin’ is fine — but parts are scarce. This ain’ murder-ball.”

“Skitcher” at Medium.com – Read
  • November 5, 2018