Captian Obvious

I dug this up after releasing someone out there purloined my idea (how? I foolishly used the material on Facebook, and its a commercial on our local radio). Well, okay, I never copyrighted the thing back in 2006, so whatever. I’m glad someone’s making money with it. Meanwhile, here’s what I wrote:

Capt. Obvious…
…is standing on a table now.
…is walking away with flowers.
…ducks under and looks through the spyglass.
…jumps and laughs.
…points and smiles.
…grins and drops his sandwich.
…shrugs and glares.
…stands aware of his surroundings.
…looks to others for understanding.
…is a gentleman.
…drinks water buy xenical online because it doesn’t smell funny.
…does not swim.
…eats tacos, but not tostitos.
…does preset procedures.

Not sure what to call that, but it surfaced while acquiring stories for my first anthology. Between that and Every One Wish, I’ve got a lot of work to do before the end of the month.

BTW, if someone DOES want to use what they’ve just read, contact me, because what you’re looking at is protected. At least be creative and don’t steal.

Thanks. ^^

  • June 3, 2014