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Not much to say this time. The conclusion to Remarkable Objects is live at, as usual. I’ve got another story in the pipeline, but I’m sitting on anything else. Part of the challenge is posting work that’s no less than PG-13, which Remarkable Objects does happen to skirt.

I’m still out of commission with bronchitis, so I’m not actually doing any writing as of this moment. Since the next two postings would occur on Christmas Day and New Years Even I’ve decided decided to take a break so I can complete the first draft of Sliver of Light, and I’ll be assessing new stories for release on Medium in January.

Meanwhile, here’s a sample of Part Four:

The desk sergeant languished a passing glance at Aaran but paused on her companion. She measured him up and decided to let Aaran set the tone. The fit of her new rank and the uniform that went with it gave her confidence.

“Where’s DI Broken?”

“Need to talk to her?”


“Cafeteria. Who’s this,” she asked, gesturing with a writing implement of some variety toward her company.

“Gideon Marcus. Grab me a guest card, will you?”


No deference at all, Aaran reflected, handing Gideon the card that would run interference for any required Soft-ID sign ins during his visit. ‘I don’t need you signed in here as a material witness,’ she signed to him. ‘I don’t think you’re going anywhere. Your Hard-ID is tracked by Relay because of your military record and training. You’re too valuable to go missing.’

‘I want this to be over tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then next week. If not next week, then next year. As long as Trust is alive I don’t care how long.’

‘Follow me and don’t touch anything unless I tell you to. Some readers don’t look like readers and aren’t very selective.’

Gideon nodded obediently. Two halls and one floor down later, they entered Research and Records. Pierce was anxiously tapping away at a keyboard, filling out a report. So engrossed, he didn’t notice their arrival until they sat beside him. With a start and grunt, he sat back, smiling awkwardly.

“I did it! Look! Wait, who? Gideon?” His smile broadened. He signed, ‘Hi! Oh … this can’t be good news. Why are you here?’

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I’d say back to bed, but I haven’t gotten out of mine for this, so yeah. Grateful for my laptop, once again. Mechanical hard drives and Windows 10 are t3h 3v1l.

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  • December 10, 2018