Isn’t it annoying knowing you’re right and not being able to rationalize it? None of you know this but I’ve been keen to this activity in China for ten years, easily. How? How much time staying awake and aware does it take to figure out China is America’s oldest enemy? Look, I won’t be getting political, but we’re at the point of utter stupidity here.

First of all, what can I do about the millions of digital attacks that occur yearly?

Nothing. I can’t even prove to you they happen. However, as it would happen, I don’t have to. Do you remember just a week ago NCSoft blocked all Chinese IP addresses without any¬†explanation? Let’s add to that PayPal blocking personal payments in Singapore. That’s pretty specific. I realize the People’s Liberation Army Unit 115 (I believe that’s the correct number) may not be directly affected by that, but we don’t know much about the day-to-day goings on here apart from what we’ve just been told.

Oh how I love directed misinformation. 141 companies? A top-tier leader of CSIS indicated the number is in the hundreds of thousands.

It seems anything over two hundred is just too much to comprehend.

I’m used to being insulted, I’m just not a fan of it, and I know it’s not true.

This is where that whole thinking-for-yourself business kicks in. I’ve talked about this in blogs that no longer exist: China believes they are superior, and they buy levitra online will not tolerate losing in a war that is increasingly economic. Don’t be surprised, we’ve been paying them to fight us for decades at this point. We’re so wired into their provisions that we’d strangle ourselves before we’d successfully disentangle.

Not a pretty picture, but the truth no one wants to say or deal with. What’s the alternative, pray tell?

I know I’ve been pony-and-brony up to this point, and don’t expect I’m not prepared to whup the toddlers over in the fanbase in future just because I’m willing to talk meat about the world situation. Dr. Horrible said it: “The status quo is not quo.” To me that means we need to pony up and look our families and ourselves.

We need to give two hoots about the guy next door, his kids, and his three legged dog.

We need to be honest. The system is broken and it’s crumbling around our ears. Will it be YOLO or NOLO?

In the event you were wondering, I’ve decided to care, and that means speaking about what is and not allowing the media to force feed me Thought Leaders and Influencers.

We’ve Influenced our way out of a stable society. How cool is that?

I keep saying I don’t have the answers. I’ll keep saying it, because they’re not answers you’ll accept. I won’t pretend I can change the world.

But I can care and choose the right.

That’s the plan.

Consider yourself invited.

  • February 20, 2013