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Blocking? Well, no.

Another book as arrived and is knocking on my door with a full backpack of inspiration, and yes, it is in the Canor “universe”. It will feature many of the characters I’ve loved writing about for … good gravy, is it like, nearly a decade? I published Every One Fight in 2014, and I started that perhaps a year before. There it is, almost a decade.

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Story Schedule: Good To Go

I’ve prepared my Medium story schedule and laid everything out until the middle of December. By that point I’ll know what put more attention into.…

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Novel Updates for August 2018

Now I understand why self publishing is so perilous. The good news is that Soft Hearts, Hard Memories is now ‘name your price’ with the…

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Just when things don’t seem to make any sense…

Creativity is a blessed gift, and it has the power to deliver messages far and wide in an irrevocable way. While the world seems to…

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Y’know what? It feels good to be rejected.

WordPress is doing a fine job of putting clicks between me and the written word, and don’t get me started on Grammarly. I’ll do that…

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Houses Moved, and are gone, deleted, finito! Why? I’ve a host and there’s no way I’m paying $99 a year for each of those…

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