Mojang Feature Good

Mojang is listening. Undoubtedly. Not only is the double slab block smooth stone getting to stay, it’s being partnered up with an updated smooth sandstone slab texture to pacify the masses. Let it not be said that this cadre ignores the now nine (9) million players who ponied up.

Let it be an example to those big corporations aka Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft (listed in order of customer hearing impaired-ness). Nintendo got a break with Mario – fluke, luck – not market research. Sony is the product of style, a little street cred, hard work and a lot of money. Microsoft is pure buy xenical marketing, but to survive they’ve turned up their hearing aids.

I know Windows 8 does not reflect this, but arrogance is their greatest weakness.

When Mojang removed smooth stone in a recent snapshot, I questioned their methodology without realizing I was staring it in the face. I even asked Dinnerbone about it, and by this change I take it they listened.

Thank you, Mojang.

Now go fix your shoddy network protocol. We still can’t get our clients to recognize online servers without reloading our clients. I suspect, though that you’re already on it.

  • January 24, 2013