I promised myself to focus on the positive aspects of being a Brony. I know I’m not alone as an MLP:FiM fan, even if my word reach few. Yet even if no one else in the world – that’s right – is willing to do more than comment, I’ll be the one who pieces it all together.

I’m almost ready to let go of the title.

Bronies may not understand that feeling. Let me elucidate you.

As mentioned in the very first post of this blog, I am a Bugs Bunny fan. Pondering this I realized fans in those days weren’t the “Warners” or “Wothers”. They weren’t bound by a label of fandom. While we’ve had fandoms over the years, we’re presently out of sincerely deserving candidates. Jamie Oliver is as likely as any as I can think of, as he’s done more for the well being of the next generation than any other who springs to mind.

Granted it’s a really, really, really short list. Easy to remember too.

Yes, we know connectivity is the new frontier, but to me that’s a carefully constructed distraction to keep us peons busy. Instant-always-on-networking has its blessings, undoubtedly, but media consumption is 90% trash and useless. That is to say, it’s not edifying.

That it exposes so many ills is what interests me most, in spite of shadow-enforced brownouts.

Given the ability to connect, pharmacy-no-rx.net would we have always done so? Yes, I believe so. However, I see there is a necessity to it, a demand for identity in the face of overwhelming values which we ultimately do not agree with for the myriad reasons we have.

Complex, huh?

Bronies are an example of a group who saw hope and clung to it.

I bet you’re wondering about the title.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Mane6’s “Fighting is Magic.” Have you heard Hasbro slapped the project with a Cease and Desist order? The logic is that only so much is fair use, and if Hasbro hadn’t protected their legal property, they would have lost the right to do so. It’s a mess, really, but anyone who wants to profit from their ideas has to side with Hasbro in this situation.

They know that.

Rumor has it an MLP:FiM movie is in the works alongside Season 4. Humanized ponies abound.

Hasbro won’t stop until My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is crushed, Lauren.

“They”, the philosophers, the patriots, those in command, will not tolerate such hope.

It’s Hasbroken.

I will continue to hold dear what you created in the face of what destruction lay ahead. It is my sincere hope that fans of the show not cling to the word “brony” and become entrenched in what it really represents: sincere friendship.

  • February 13, 2013