We seem to have come at it from the wrong end of things: if it’s broken, throw money at it. My nephew made an amusing and accurate observation while we examined the purpose of three waist-high rock laid on the corner of access to a parking lot.

“There’s a problem, throw a rock at it!” and we laughed, but at that moment he had pinpointed a very basic reaction we sometimes have. Those rocks weren’t painted yellow as hazard warnings, and I wonder at the cost of the quarry buy valtrex sourced stones.

Simple and purposeful dividers or a large neat looking block could have served the same end in a more civilized appearing manner. Though they do have a somewhat natural look.
Just how much are we enacting, choosing with the foundation of our society in mind? From my vantage, nifty sky piercing buildings are fascinating, and can serve us marvelously. However, never have I seen more vacant, expensive business offices and retail properties in the near four decades of my life.

  • May 27, 2015