How To Make a True Random Playlist

‘Psuedo-random’ is how I heard a programmer refer to most number generators. What makes one truly random I have no idea, but a real impact of this process is seeing the same numbers on rapid succession, hence the psuedo.

Your favorite music player depends on a random number generator to shuffle through your thousands of songs. Unfortunately it is psuedo, which consequently led to millions hearing the same songs over and over again.

Much like radio, but don’t we have these portable libraries to escape that? Yes! I had a solution, and others use it, apparently. Okay, so why not?

Here it is: Make a new playlist, then throw every album and track you want to hear for the next few days/months buy antibiotics into it. Name it something if you haven’t already. Now the clever bit: Find the option that randomizes the order of your songs.

Be sure you’re not just turning shuffle on for playback. You may repeat randomizing your list of songs until you’re absolutely pleased with it. Now sync.

The key to this is that no song will be played more than once. Yes, it can be annoying to do this if you’re using your phone as your player, and you may need a full-bore desktop player for the organizational portion of this trick, but it will get you away from this flaw.


  • June 5, 2015