New Story @ Medium: “Hard Lines and Code”

As promised, I’ve another new short story for y’all available at Medium, so drop what you’re doing and read it! …kidding! Though I’ll admit that’d be a nice sentiment. Here’s a link to the story followed by a sample:

By the Pillars, who knows how long that woman has been fighting the good fight. She rushed the shield and came away with an answer for who she was. Shards, I’m still gaping in admiration. Does that sound trite or sarcastic?

She needs a break, that’s all I’m saying. But who’s gonna give it to you? To anyone? Okay, I just tallied it in my head: Thirteen pillarbracing years! When I enlisted she was a legend; a fantasy idol for the soldiers. That’s pretty old fashioned, I know.

Aaran Vanadyl looks blasted good in her prosthesis. A leg and arm, something for the men to fawn over and stop feeling so sorry for themselves about their own. Helps the poster model is beautiful. Oh, she is, but not in that untouchable way. She looks the marrying type, and that’s fine for most of us.

We’re all sick of Carso’s relentless war. Flakkit, when a prosthetic performs so well you hardly miss the body part it replaced they send you back into the brink, odds be damned. We’ve got kids and wives, family at home waitin’ on us to stop screaming and shouting about the blood and gore.

“Hard Lines and Code” @

I’m so organized I can even tease next week’s story! Wild huh? It’s another personality driven science fiction narrative entitled “Skitcher” about a cyborg racer who lost her wings…

Ta for now!

  • October 29, 2018