So Soft Hearts, Hard Memories is a hard sell. Given its subject matter, I’m not surprised. Maybe a little disappointed… but I approached that work with no less dedication than any other. Thankfully, I won’t be publishing anything that gritty in the future.

No promises, though. My short stories can get a little real, in that way.

Reading the tea leaves of download metrics provided by Smashwords, Sector Bomb is in need of its sequel, which does exist, sort of. To produce it, though, means a massive re-write, and with Sliver of Light nearing completion, I can’t promise anything for now.

Though, I’ve hesitated to broach this one… I may start posting some poetry here or there. Yeah, I know… and it’s going to be religious in nature, or commentary at least – and that could be even less comfortable, but not for me.

Book Cover Test

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that I’ve “announced my novel” for Nanowrimo this year, though really it’s just my intent to progress as far as I can before the end of the year. Sliver of Light has a lot of work that need to be done, though I do have a nifty cover, though that’s not ready yet either. The design is coming along, but now the cover will have to represent the entire work, not just the first volume.

You’ll see what I mean when it starts hitting, chapter by chapter. Yeah, I’m making that announcement now. It’s another side of me that … well is actually always on display, but rarely in my works in this way. If you’ve read Sailor Rifts/Starlit Ruins you know it doesn’t matter how dire things get, hope always exists. That’s how I write, because that’s what I know to be true in my heart. My books just invite you to come along for the ride for a while.

I’d like to start posting Sliver of Light beginning January 2018, which leaves the second half of December up in the air. We’ll see how that goes as to what I choose to post. As I said, I’ve got a major backlog of stories, and Canor hasn’t gotten its due, except for the science fiction side of things.

Ta for now!

  • October 30, 2018