Blinked In: My LinkedIn Group

Injustice and nefariousness abounds. The first and presently only LinkedIn “group” I have joined is loaded with spam. HR managers/employees/ilk promise to have the “best answers” and the “way in” through the myriad questions employers will throw at you.

I’m not the only one who can tell the soup is foul, and I’m not talkin’ chicken. Or turkey.

As a potential employee I am looking for the “way in”. Previous experience tells me that networking is my best option, but at the moment offerings are slim, as I usually fall short on one skill set/certification or another. I’m self taught, and consequently there isn’t a consumer PC I can’t fix, given the parts and funds.

I’m not into missing meals, if you catch my drift.

Having joined this “I.T.” or “I.Me.” group has been disappointing. Rather than having at my fingertips opportunities,  I have endless pages of solutions and surefire bets to read. Reading all of the content is tantamount to a full time job, one for which I would not be paid – unless I could find a way to monetize it.

I’m rather known by people as someone who likes to be critical. I’d love a job doing buy soma that, but it would have be of some real use – not just pointing out what doesn’t work. That sounds like an exercise in self immolation, doesn’t it? It’s not, because the problems are perpetual, and someone always needs help.

The point of all this is I grew sick of it, and as necessity dictates that I am able to make a living by one means or another, perhaps I can lend a hand. I have started a LinkedIn I.T. group called the “Real Information Technologists”, the goal of which is to get things done. By this I mean you can ask questions ranging from the simple to the complex and get answers.

This means “my computer is overheating, how can I fix it?” to “my servers refuse to issue mobile notifications of their status”.

I’ll be the first to admit I am primarily a hardware expert, so I am asking all who join this group to aid my cause in thwarting the network spam. Consider this a learning experience for the willing, and I volunteer myself as the first.

I thank all of you who care that it’s wrong, and I look forward to collaborating with you.

  • February 18, 2013