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Well, after two months of the flu and putting it off because it’s not finished … don’t worry, it’s all “written” in my head, just not on paper. I expect I’ll have it all done by the time you’re reading Part Two. Anyway, what was I going to say?

Ah yes, I’m publishing my latest book chapter by chapter at Why? Because I landed more followers there than I have here. It’s time for the message of this story to get out, and the state of … well, things… isn’t encouraging for the sort of positivity and hope Sliver of Light is concerned with.

I could ramble on, but here’s a sample of the first few opening paragraphs, instead:

He could not see what hit him. Gravel and stones gouged into his leather jacket and shoulder. He exhaled and tasted dirt. Three fingered gloved hands wrapped about his upper arms and drew him to his feet. He knew well to whom they belonged. There was a trill and the fellow said, “Amustere, are you blind?”

“Aye, quite. Thank you,” he answered and then coughed. The darkness was not complete, as he could discern the silhouette of the fellow’s physical being. The ring of his sabre unsheathed alarmed Amustere. “What’s on? Is someone else there?”

“Beside me and your wife, there is your daughter. She does not look to be in a welcoming mood.”

“Ah. Of course she’s not.” Disoriented, Amustere could scarcely stand, and so leaned upon his short ally. He heard the soft shuffle of sandled feet, but could not determine their location. He cast about with white pupiled eyes and said, “So you’ve come back, my daughter.”

“Snivelling man. That is your familial assumption,” she said, and he assumed that a scowl accompanied her tone of accusation. An unfamiliar baritone phased through her high alto.

“Did you attack me, or was it your captor?”

This question was answered with another blow, unseen and unblocked by Diver’s keen eye and sharp reflex. Amustere tumbled loose from his grasp into a stand of bushes as Diver was knocked to the side. He lay on his chest, arm twisted uncomfortably under his torso. Her shadow darkened his vision. She said, “You have something you have kept from me.”

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Just as with the short stories I published at Medium, a new chapter will be published weekly, every Monday. If you enjoy what you’re reading, please follow me, spare some applause, and… you know, I like encouragement.

For anyone who jumps into the story late, I’ll be keeping a schedule of released chapters for anyone who wants to catch up. I’ll lay this out for you: The reason why chapter by chapter updates works for Sliver of Light is because each chapter has an episodic format with a self contained plot arc. It’s how chapters should be written, but also what I’m most comfortable with.

That’s all for now!

  • February 18, 2019