Current Foc(i/us/es?)

My health has had its ups and downs, more downs lately, but I’m trudging on and putting my energy where it needs to go. The ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft is receiving due attention: Tumbleberry and I are working our way through the textures, using Affinity Designer by Serif. Inkscape move on over! I don’t think I’ve been as happy with a piece of software since my days on the Mac. Yeah, I was an Apple guy, and I still appreciate the confluence between their hardware and software.

That’s another topic for another time, though.

I recently completed proofing and editing Sliver of Light, which I published prematurely. Check it out for yourself, I think it flows better, especially in the first chapter. Unfortunately I cut some backstory, but nothing that affects the story as it stands. So, that’s good to go!

Reflow / Rewind Web Comics

You might not know this, but I’m the author of On The Rock and Press ESC, and I decided to pick up the loose ends with a new web comic entitled Reflow. (Updates on Wednesday.) Dr. David Namiki, Buddy and the crew are back again, and this time some answers are going to be had! Rewind is a daily updated repost of both On The Rock and Press ESC, which will tie into Reflow as the story develops.

As far as creativity goes, that’s it!

  • June 12, 2021