The Decision to Publish

I’ve approached the idea of publishing over the years, and until now it appeared to have a cost associated with it. That hasn’t changed, but it looks like it has. That’s important to understand.

Apple promises to making publishing easier than ever with iBooks Author, though at the moment how I go about formatting a novel is a learning process. Amazon also promises to ship your books “on demand'”. Both indicate a profit cut of 30%, which sounds pretty good.

Except for that nagging experience … of, say, my whole life. TANSTAAFL, folks. If it sounds to good then it is. You Facebookers oughta know this by now: You’re their product, and their ROI has been dodgy and morally ambiguous.

Don’t give me this nonsense that morals are flexible and determined by your belief system, it’s far deeper than that. Don’t buy it, either. If you’re reading me and ascribing to what I just wrote, then we’re in it together. Don’t worry, I know there aren’t many of you.

You can quote me on this: My single expectation is to pay my way as a writer, even if I use other employment to do so. The truth of the world is that you give something up to get a little fame and popularity, and if you don’t, you’re ignored. Those’re the facts, like’m or lump ’em.

I clearly don’t write enough, because I have a strong urge to confuse this article with unrelated situations. Well, this is me, I can tie them all together. It’s my thing. Yeah, that means I’m going to do it anyway.

Professionalism is not a concern of mine. I’m not one of those guys who burns for his statements. Perhaps one day they’ll matter, but for now – not so much.

When I consider popular media, I see a lot of tripe and trash. I see good, intelligent creativity shut down and shunted aside. Media men and publishers will priligy no prescription either scoff at these words or carry on ignoring me, but I see what is. Like it or no. Examples?

Endgame: Canada isn’t allow to be that clever. Sorry.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Too hopeful, to honest. It’s a kids show, what business has it being better than … just about anything else animated?

Serenity: Deserved more than it got, and it’s my firm belief that Marvel has gone a long way to apologizing for that, even though Joss can never apologize for Wash.

The first two are foremost on my mind for reasons of having recently watched several episodes of both. Do we regret they all existed? No more than we disregard the inspiration of Bugs Bunny that has rung hollow in nearly every incarnation since the 1950s. There was one version of that rabbit that fired us up – no joke – his voice was drafted to inspire soldiers in the Second World War.

There are those who understand that popular media calms the masses and keeps their minds off the heads that should be rolling. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t arrived at that point yet – less has happened for revolution in our history. Am I suggesting people should die because of their greed?

No, but there are those who believe it. How many have to starve, to lose before it’s enough? What line must be crossed? Who must be angered? If I had those answers I wouldn’t be here.

We’re not seeing enough change to compensate for the pain and suffering in the world.

To me, life is precious, and thus according to the respect for it in me desire to tell a worthwhile tale, and not accept corrupt profit models for a few extra dollars. Call it professional suicide, if you like.

Good news what risk is there for me to take? I’m an unknown, I can afford it.

If you want to follow along, you are cordially invited.

  • January 15, 2013