Every One Fight: on KDP Sooner than Expected

This is the first book in the Threads of Canor Series. I highly recommend buying a paperback edition if you enjoy this book: Subscriptions for novels is a positively silly/stupid/dangerous idea.

Making Mistakes: Re-Re-Proofing

I highly recommend it. Looking at the second proof submission for Every One Fight – Amazon Edition this morning I noticed I’d overlooked a basic feature of the paperback: Numbered Pages. My word – and yours – how could I overlook that? Easily.

Useful Misdirection(s)

So who is that article a shill for? Is it to pacify the masses? “Well, I can’t find work today, but I’m not alone, so it’s not so bad.” Is it to soothe the employers? “Everybody’s budget is tight. I have to make money.” It sure isn’t for the unemployed.

Bothers and Brothers

I know I’ve been pony-and-brony up to this point, and don’t expect I’m not prepared to whup the toddlers over in the fanbase in future just because I’m willing to talk meat about the world situation. Dr. Horrible said it: “The status quo is not quo.” To me that means we need to pony up and look our families and ourselves.

As Promised: It’s Story Time

In fact I am less impressed with the Bronies who believed this was going to destroy the fanbase. Look guys, you don’t quite understand what’s going on here. Something as wonderful as MLP:FiM takes time to destroy.


I promised myself to focus on the positive aspects of being a Brony. I know I’m not alone as an MLP:FiM fan, even if my word reach few. Yet even if no one else in the world – that’s right – is willing to do more than comment, I’ll be the one who pieces it…

NCSoft Hardstyle: China Blocked

Farming has never received proper media coverage because it reflects poorly on the state of the industry. We depend heavily on Asia for our MMO experiences, and thus cannot demand that they cut a limb off. Except that one of the largest players in that industry just did.

The Download Service Scam

The fact of the matter is that Depositfiles and its ilk are not to blame for the demand. It was a response to a vacuum, like tape decks in a vinyl era, we loved the music and wanted our friends to hear it. CDs, MP3s, we’re going to find ways to share content. These days corporations have more power to push the means by which we do so than ever before, and little guys like Depositfiles are figuring out how to cash in on our habits.

The Decision to Publish

To me, life is precious, and thus according to the respect for it in me desire to tell a worthwhile tale, and not accept corrupt profit models for a few extra dollars. Call it professional suicide, if you like.

Social Mediums and Your Palms

There are many brands of online social media, but what is becoming of sites such as Facebook and Tumblr are the users who exploit them, and their intentions. Any enthusiastic Tumblr user can recognize the nature of the social environment, just as observant Facebook playas. This stands to reason and is in effect with all…