Every One Sample

It’s okay, you don’t know yet. That’s not actually a book title. “Sampling” is so mid-90’s … I remember, I was there. Those were good times. Actually, I’m here to show off some hard draft work on a full blown novel tentatively entitled “Every One Wish”, which follows Every One Fight, but only in release. And now, excerpt from 12 – A Missed One:

“I’m sorry, Buddy.”
I flinched. Sonata was still holding my hand. Was this shock? Who was talking to me? Bowles? Castlegar? Who? I checked the time, but it didn’t read right. Six hours gone?
It was the morning. Two in the morning. Bowles was explaining what happened. I listened harder and tried to focus on her grief-laden face. “Pilcrow had a weapon installed in his arm. No one knew. He shot Aaran. Sonata saved her life. She was the only one who could move amoxicillin no prescription quickly enough. Flakdragger’s dead.”
“You don’t need to-” That was Sonata.
“Somebody’s gotta get angry!”
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“No, be quiet. Don’t blame yourself. We’re at war with these guys. A mine goes up, blows your legs off, whose fault is that? Just you listen.” Bowles logic was undeniable, but also detestable. “Doctor Dryfuss says the projectile nicked her spinal column. They’re rebuilding it, but she’s not walking for a while. A long while. You’re in charge. Aaran says so.”
“She’s awake?”

It’s kinda terrible watching someone you feel you know extremely well go through something awful, but … dangit I’ve got no regret here. Aaran’s built for this kind of life … it’s just who she is.

Bold Curves has a cover … I just have to produce it. Then some more reading, and … I’ll be publishing it. Next week. No pre-orders. Maybe some coupons. We’ll see.

  • June 15, 2014